To make matters worse, Toyota faces another parts shortage: the impact of the Earthquake in Japan  

Toyota Motor Corp. plans to shut most of its Factories in Japan for several days next week because of parts shortages caused by Wednesday’s magnitude 7.4 earthquake in eastern Japan, the Wall Street Journal reported.  

Toyota said Friday that some of its suppliers had been affected by the quake and were unable to provide enough parts.  Toyota didn’t name the companies.  In addition, Renesas Electronics said its factories in the quake zone would not resume full production until next Wednesday.  

Toyota Motor Announced on Thursday that IT lowered its global vehicle production target for April by 150,000 units to 750,000 due to semiconductor shortages and the COVID-19 pandemic, IT Home has learned.  

Meanwhile, Toyota added that its global average monthly production for the April-June period would be about 800,000 vehicles.  Toyota also said it remains difficult to foresee the next few months and may lower its production targets again.  

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