The “King Carp” card sold for 5 million yen  

The pokemon swap card game has long been popular, and some rare cards have become targets for collectors.  A card with an image of the King of The Carp has reportedly sold at auction for 5 million yen (rmb270,000).  

This “Carp King” card was a prize card from the Pokemon Go With Music competition decades ago. At the time, players were required to send in their favorite “Snap with Joy” photos, and the winning photos were printed into physical cards and given to the winning players.  The “King Carp” card is also one of the special prize cards.  

It is worth mentioning that only 20 copies of this “King Carp” card were printed, so each card is very precious.  A few days ago, foreign broadcaster Smpratee showed off his new collection on his personal channel, and he is believed to be the ultimate buyer of the cards.  

In addition to smpratee’s cards, there should be 19 “King Carp” special prize cards in the world.  But their whereabouts are unknown.  

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