Most trusted self-driving brand: Tesla first Apple Car incredible  

Tesla was recently named the “most trusted brand in the autonomous vehicle sector,” according to a new foreign study.  Apple also made a surprise appearance at number six.  

According to AutoPacific, there were 56 auto brands consumers could choose from in the study.  Tesla topped the list with 32 percent.  

Surprisingly, Apple made the top 10.  Apple doesn’t have a car yet, and rumors suggest it may be in the works, but 13% of people still chose Apple as their most trusted brand.  

Apple’s reputation as a software company and tech giant has clearly earned it the trust of consumers.  With The announcement that Kevin Lynch will unveil a fully autonomous car system in November, Apple could have a self-driving car within 10 years.  

Toyota and BMW ranked second and third with 19 percent and 18 percent, respectively.  Chevrolet, Ford, Apple, Honda, Audi, Subaru and Cadillac rounded out the top 10.  

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