Generation classic curtain call! Internet Explorer Decommissioning

We’ve known for a long time that Microsoft decided to phase out Internet Explorer completely in 2022, but now they’re saying it again.  

“As previously announced, Future Internet Explorer on Windows will be integrated into Microsoft Edge, providing support for older browsers through so-called Internet Explorer compatibility mode,” Microsoft wrote.  

For some versions of The Windows 10 operating system, Internet Explorer 11 desktop applications that ship with it will be officially discontinued on June 15, 2022.  

This means that IE11 desktop applications will no longer be supported and will later be redirected to Microsoft Edge when users try to launch IE.  

At the same time, Microsoft Edge, as the default browser on Windows, is rapidly gaining market share.  

It should be noted that the kernel has already switched from Microsoft’s own EdgeHTML to Chromium, which is the same source as Google Chrome — one of the main reasons Microsoft wants most users to stick with it for the long term.  

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