AMD confirms the release of the 4800S desktop suite: PS5 with the same CPU, complete PCIe 4.0 regret  

SONY PS5 and Microsoft XSX host are using custom AMD Rayon APU, some substandard chips were made into a desktop suite by AMD last year, can be used in the mini computer, the previous release is 4700S suite, now AMD officially confirmed that the release of 4800S suite,  Fixed PCIe 4.0 regrets.  

In the first FSR 2.0 driver released yesterday, AMD accidentally revealed the 4800S series desktop Kit (Desktop Kit), and there should be an updated product to come.  

AMD did not mention the specifications of the 4800S, but at the end of last year, it has revealed that it is almost the same, still based on the 7nm Zen2 architecture CPU, but the GPU is shielded, this time will support more modern graphics cards, from the 4700S suite of PCIe 2.0 to PCIe 4.0 directly upgrade,  It can be paired with a higher-end graphics card, but the RX 6600 series is rumored to be the highest.  

Other aspects, the 4800S suite is still mATX motherboard specifications, supports two M.2 interfaces, much more advanced than the previous SATA interface, also supports AM4 compatible radiator, also supports Wi-Fi 6 network, the overall specifications have been very modern standards.  

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